Vibrant, multi-layered surfaces, bright colors, interesting, often rough surfaces, a wide variety of materials determine my painting. I work with pigments, acrylic and oil paints, metal powder, earth, coal, ash, clay, coffee, collages….

As painting surfaces I use stretcher frames, nettle fabric, different types of paper, wood and MDF boards. My working method is very experimental. It always excites me to discover new things and try new things.   Most of my paintings go through a long working process. They are made of many layers of material, paint and glaze. The layers of paint give them a very special luminosity.

In my painting, I am very intensively engaged in recent years with photography. At that time I looked at old family albums and was fascinated by the old photos. My thought then was, how can I integrate these photos into my art? I have since found different ways to incorporate old family and travel photos into my painting. In the form of collages, screen printing and with oil paint on acrylic background.
I live and work in the Zeppelin city of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. And thus the zeppelin is a recurring theme in my painting. The airships and the man Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin fascinate me immensely. He dreamed of flying, which seemed impossible for most people in the 19th century. I admire his perseverance, and the firm belief that he will make it. And in the end he succeeded.

“You only have to want to and believe in it, then you will succeed.” Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838 – 1917)


I also work collected rust finds into rust objects. I like to make the background with gray metal powder, which turns into a warm, shimmering brown during the rusting process.  The metal powder is made to rust directly on the image carrier. How the rust surfaces will develop, I can not plan in advance. This is a very exciting process. This is also how my rust paintings on canvas are created.

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